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For archers who prefer the comfort of a permanent glove over a removable finger tab, this glove is made from soft Buffalo Leather allowing a light but durable traditional glove. 

The finger tips have been further reinforced with thicker black leather, and the strap uses an easily fastened Velcro.

Always use a form of finger protection when pulling back a bow string to avoid injury to your finger. 


  • Buffalo leather
  • Double layered leather on finger tips for extra protection
  • Suitable for both right or left handed archers
  • Velcro wrist strap

Size Guide: 

To select your glove size measure your dominant hand (meaning the hand which you will use to pull back the bow string) from the (A) End of your middle finger to (B) Where your wrist meets your hand, and select a glove size based on the measurements below

Glove Size:

Small - 151mm - 165mm

Medium - 166mm-180mm

Large - 181mm-190mm

Extra Large -  191mm - 210mm

XXL - 211mm  - 215mm

Please note that whilst we do our best however to keep sizing to the size categories above, as our gloves are mostly hand stitched we ask for your kind understanding that small variations can occur. 

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