We're Richie and George - the Wairarapa based father and son team behind Saxon Archery.

There are not many more satisfying things in life than turning your hobby and passion into a business, and that's exactly what we have done with Saxon Archery. 

Navigating the world of archery can be daunting, especially for those just starting out. Our commitment at Saxon Archery is therefore to maintain a small, focused business dedicated to providing high quality products for beginner and intermediate archers, at prices that are reasonable and fair.
The majority of our bows we sell are made in Hungary or Germany by expert bowyers, and if we don't have your bow in stock we can build or arrange for a custom wood and draw weight to be built specifically for your preference. 
We also invite local archers, including complete beginners, to come and try out our bows on our range in the Wairarapa. 
When not working, George can be found in his workshop in Masterton building English longbows, repairing arrows, and shooting his large collection of bows on the range.
When not joining George on a shoot, Richie can be found working as an analyst in Wellington, or hosting archery events during his spare time.
If you have any questions about archery, whether that be some advice on how to get started, or even on where to find local archery clubs in your area then please send us an email at saxon.archery@gmail.com or info@saxon.co.nz - we're always happy to help.