Scythian (Saka) Horsebow: 34lb draw weight

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This popular style of Asian horsebow was used by the Nomadic Scythians as they conquered parts of Asia and the Middle East beginning around the 8th Century BC.  Like many nomadic warrior tribes, they relied on horsebows that were powerful and accurate, yet light enough to carry and shoot from horseback.

This Scythian bow is a wooden composite with a layer of Yew, a perfect bow wood most famous for its use in making English longbows during the medieval era. To add further strength and protection, this bow has also been laminated with fibreglass and epoxy.


Reflex composite Horsebow



Epoxy laminate

Leather wrap


Total bow length: 57 inches (145cm)

Brace height:

7 inches (17.8cm)

Draw weight:



Bow, string

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