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This Native American bow is a single piece of wood to be used when stealthily moving through bush or for shooting from horseback. It is therefore shorter in length than a longbow and perfect for shooting at closer ranges.

This self bow is made from a single piece of beautiful Osage orange wood sourced from the Carpathian Basin in Central Europe. This dense and hardy wood slowly darkens overtime,  and if oiled on a semi-regular basis can last an incredibly long time. The wood therefore is ideal for use in bows such as this one. 

Buffalo horn is added to the tips for dampening and protection from the string


Self-bow (single wooden piece) 



Draw weight:

31lbs @28 inches


55 inches (139.7 cm) - 59 inches (149.86)


Bow, string.

Extra info:

Are you a beginner to archery/traditional shooting and not sure what else is needed to get started?  Please find some initial guidance below. Or for more send us an email on

- Richie and George, Saxon Archery. 

1. Arrows - A bow would be useless without arrows to shoot with. For a wooden bow like this, we recommend Carbon or Wooden arrows. Start with some basic arrows, and then once you're perfecting your aim, consider calculating your draw length and picking the right arrow length and arrow spine, both of which we can advise on. 

2. Arm protection - An armguard is a must. This sits on your opposite arm and protects your arm from bruising which can occur when the string slaps your arm after the arrow is released (trust us on this one!).

3. A quiver - Not a necessity, but useful. For storing your arrows and keeping them close when shooting. The most common type of quiver hangs off your belt/waist, but quivers that hang over your shoulder are also available. 

4. Finger protection - Repeated pulling back of the string of a bow will strain and damage your finger.  Archers will therefore use either a protective glove or a finger tab to protect their pulling finger from injuries. 

5. Hand protection - Traditional bows such as this one rely on the arrow resting on the side of the bow, and once in flight the feather of the arrow will graze the fleshy part of your hand between your thumb and index finger. It is highly recommended to place a piece of leather/wear a thing glove, or use a dedicated hand guard to avoid feather cuts. 


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