Mongol horsebow: 41lb draw weight

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This fearsome horsebow was the main weapon of the Mongol cavalrymen during the time of the Mongol conquest. Whilst maintaining the lightweight yet powerful characteristics of Asian style bows, the Mongol bow can be distinguished by the presence of prominent string bridges - allowing for more stored energy for a given poundage.

This style of bow has a unique shape when unstrung with the limbs bending towards the back of the bow, allowing it to store an enormous amount of energy.  This design allows arrows to be shot faster than a standard recurve, or even against other types of reflex bows.

This Mongol bow is a wooden composite with a layer of Black poplar, a stunningly beautiful wood blessed with cool knot patterns throughout. To add further strength and protection this bow has also been laminated with fibreglass and epoxy.


Reflex composite Horsebow



Fibreglass laminate

Leather wrap


Total bow length: 52.3 inches (132.8cm)

Brace height:

~7 inches 

Draw weight:


Max draw length:

32 inches



Bow, string


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