Mowgli bow - Indo persian youth bow: 18lb draw weight

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The beautiful Asian crab bow is a great choice for those wanting a traditional style bow that is easy to set up and start shooting with. The bow has a curved horse bow style profile, and shoots smoothly and accurately with no vibration. Since this bow has a lighter draw weight, it is a great choice for beginners or those who find heavier bows difficult to pull back.

The bow can also be quickly taken down and placed into a bag for easy transportation.

This bow is part of a new wave of bows being created made fully of fibreglass. Sometimes referred to as TAS bows, fibreglass bows are quickly becoming popular all throughout the world. A full take-down fibreglass bow allows for powerful and accurate bows that do not require the same care and upkeep as is normally required with wooden bows.

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TD (Takedown) Mughal Indian Crab Bow - 18lb draw weight 



Reinforced nylon


Total bow length: 48 inches (121.92cm)
Total bow weight: 1.15lbs (522g)

Brace height:

6 inches (15.24cm)

Draw weight:



Bow, hand wrap, pre-waxed string,

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