Beginner Archery Combo Package

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This very competitively priced package includes everything you need to begin your archery journey. 

At Saxon Archery we have put together an ‘archery starter package ‘ so that the novice archer can enter this exciting sport without the chore of sourcing the necessary accessories required for entry into this sport. It comprises a take down bow (for ease of storage and transport) with a magnesium alloy riser together with composite recurve limbs comprising wood and fibreglass. In addition, the package includes a finger tab, arm guard, quiver, bow string, bow stringer, arrow rest and four feather fledged wooden arrows. We also provide a complete and simple to understand guide on how to put your bow together; how to safely string your bow and how to affix your arrow rest.

We believe, at $309, this represents the most affordable quality archery package on the market today. Don’t delay, and join the burgeoning archery community without the outlay of mega dollars!


  • Nik'A archery bow - Magnesium alloy riser (centre part of the bow), removable wooden core limbs with fibreglass laminate for strength. Choose the colour and draw weight (pulling power) of your bow.

  • Bow string - Pre-measured, pre-tensioned, and pre-waxed string ready to go straight onto the bow. 

  • Arrow rest - Sticks to the bow as a shelf for the arrow, allowing it to sit straight and steady.

  • Stringer - Rope and pouch tool that allows for bow strings to be placed onto the bow with little effort.

  • Finger tab - Protects your finger from repeated pulling back of the bow string. 

  • Arm protector - Protects your arm from the bow string flicking back and slapping your arm after shots.

  •  4 x wooden arrows - Straight Indonesian white wood arrows with real turkey feathers and metal arrow heads. 

  • Quiver - A nylon quiver to hook onto your belt, allowing you to easily carry and access your arrows.
  • Instructions on how to use all of the items above.

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