Steppe horsebow: 52lb draw weight

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This  classic horsebow is sleek and elegant, yet extremely powerful - much like the God it is named after. 

This bow has limb tips that bend almost 90 degrees allowing a huge amount of energy to be stored once strung, and thus allowing for a lightning fast arrow release.

This horsebow bow is a wooden composite with a layer of Ash, a wood that is prized for it's light weight, hard and shock resistance characteristics. To add further strength and protection, this bow has also been laminated with fibreglass and epoxy.


Reflex composite Horsebow



Epoxy laminate

Leather wrap


Total bow length: 49 inches (124,.5cm)

Brace height:

7 inches (17.8cm)

Draw weight:


Max draw length:

30 inches


Bow, string


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