Trilaminate English Long Bow: 46lb Draw weight

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Famous for it's role in the hundred years war, the English longbow struck fear in the eyes of its enemies.

This particular style is from the Victorian era when a shortage of Yew meant bowyers needed to invent alternate methods of creating this legendary weapon. Whilst no longer used in war, the longbow retained its popularity in hunting and target shooting and was still in hot demand.  Utilising 3 different types of more accessibly sourced wood bowyers were able to not only solve the issue of demand but the combination of 3 hard yet durable woods even allowed the production of heavier, more durable longbows.

Slender and stunningly beautiful, every traditional bow enthusiast must own an English longbow. At 46lbs this longbow is a bit more challenging to shootbut is still ideal for those wanting a more accessible traditional bow.  


Traditional English longbow (Trilaminate)


Wood belly (Osage orange)

Wood core (actionboo)

Wood back (Hickory)

Horn nocks

Leather grip wrap


Total bow length: 74 inches (188cm)

Brace height:

~7 inches 

Draw weight:


Max draw length:

32 inches


Bow, custom designed string. 


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