Youth Longbow: 29lb draw weight (Right handed)

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This carefully hand crafted traditional longbow has a lighter draw weight, is shorter in length than a regular longbow, and is therefore designed with younger archers in mind.  Whilst its smaller size makes is perfect for younger traditional bow enthusiasts, it retains excellent shooting characteristics and can therefore also be enjoyed by adults wanting a less powerful and more portable longbow.

This longbow is a wooden composite with a layer of made with Ash, a wood that is prized for it's light weight, hard and shock resistance characteristics. To add further strength and protection, this bow has also been laminated with fibreglass and epoxy.


Right handed American style flat longbow, with arrow rest shelf 




Total bow length: 60 inches (152.4cm)

Total bow weight: 1.10lbs (500g)

Brace height:

6.3 inches (16cm)

Draw weight:



Bow, string. 


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