Atilla horsebow: 41lb draw weight

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The horsebow was the weapon of choice for Atilla the Hun, the fearsome warrior who inspired fear throughout the late Roman empire. With an army mainly made up of horse archers, Atilla needed bows that were accessible and accurate, yet deadly to his enemies. 

The Atilla bow still maintains the classic horsebow look, weight and power, yet employs a slightly simpler design.  Whilst very similar to the Mongol bow, the Atilla bow differs by lacking a string bridge and employs a flatter curvature once unstrung. 

This bow is a wooden composite with a layer of Mahogany, a dark wood often used in furniture building for its strength and beauty. The colour of this bow really makes it stand out from the rest. To add further strength and protection, this bow has also been laminated with fibreglass and epoxy.


Reflex composite Horsebow 



Fibreglass laminate

Leather wrap


Total bow length: 52.3 inches (132.8cm)

Brace height:

~7.1 inches 

Draw weight:


Max draw length:

32 inches



Bow, string


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